The darker side of (second) life…

Skipping Stones Hunt Part 1

So from what I see the Skipping Stones hunt is being rather poorly blogged, which.. in my opinion.. is sad. This is by and far the absolute best hunt I have actually bothered to do in well.. ever. I got burnt out on these hunts rather fast with hundreds of stops of poor quality used simply for filler. (sorry just being honest 😛 ) This one however, has proven to be WELL worth the time, and very little time at that ( this one is under 100 stops for once), to complete.

Skipping Stones Hunt : This is Fawn

So only on the second stone and already found a gem. The Caulfield Dress by This is Fawn is beyond cute, but very simple. I can see myself wearing this one a lot. ❤ it!  Also worn in this pic are the eyes that can be found along with a dandelion tattoo in stone # 1 at Kuntskammer. (be sure to get the cheapie “uppity bitch” shirt while you are at stop 1.. love it ^^)

Well stone #4 was certainly anything but easy to find but man was it worth it. I bought several things, including the adorable “drinky crow” while I was there ( forevvver) looking for the stone here. The quality at this store is wonderful, as is their originality.  I couldn’t love thier prize more ^^

Stone # 8 comes with a cute little shirt and skirt combo, however my favorite part of this one is the cute little bird that sits on your shoulder. Perfect little friend to spend some time in prezzie from stone # 7, Second Space. Their “conversation porch” is one of the best hunt gifts that I have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful ❤


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