The darker side of (second) life…

Skipping Stones Hunt Part 2

So moving right along through the next 10 stops in the Skipping Stones Hunt and even more goodies to come! I am already so impressed with this one. While there are some things that simply aren’t my style, notthing I have opened yet is complete garbage..which is rare for these hunts if you ask me lol. I’m excited to see what else this one has to offer ^^Stone #12 from NachtMusik  has a super cute outfit inside, along with some shapes. However, I rarely if ever change my shape so those are usually always useless to me lol. While the colors on this one admittedly aren’t my usual I still think it is super cute ^^ I’m sure I’ll find more than one excuse to use this one. Stone # 15 comes from a store that has long been one of my favorites. They won me over with thier “Beauty in Death” pajama set given out sometime around Christmas last year and I have been a fan ever since. They have a cute little shirt and vest combo with fun “motion sickness” eyes. Stone # 18 has a very cute little embroidered necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai a perfect match with any summery look for sure. Reminds me of my old hippie days back in high school of hemp necklaces and long skirts lol. Also worn in this picture is the skin from Lazolli in stone # 17. While it isn’t really my style its is just as beautifully made as one would come to expect from Lazolli ^^Well I’m sure that just about anyone who knows of RC Cluster would  know to expect a stone full of fun from this store, and they don’t disappoint with some super fun gifties. However, I have something up my sleeve for one of the other gifts from RC Cluster so you will have to enjoy the ice cream for now 😛 Also worn in this picture is the gift in stone # 20 from Epoque, some deliciously nerdy glasses that I certainly see becoming a well worn part of my wardrobe ^^


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