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Skipping Stones Hunt Part 3

Well so far the stone hunt has produced some super cute gifts.. I am beyond excited to see what other treasures lay in the stones ahead so without further ado on to part 3, some of my favorite stores coming up in this one 😀

So up first is stone # 24 from Young Urban. I love the simplicity of this hoodie. You could wear this with literally anything and they didn’t cheap it up like several stores in SL are known to do and throw a huge logo on it for advertising. When will they learn that the majority of us don’t want to be a walking advertisement for a store.. sigh. Also worn in the picture are the hair from stone 23, WOT as well as the glasses from stone 22 So Many Styles.

Well stone 25 is one of my favorites for sure! I am far from a country girl (even though I grew up among cow pastures and corn fields shhh :P) I don’t know anyone who would disagree that this gift is just adorable! I love the detail down to even the straw of hay to chew on! Way too cute ❤

Cute little shorts set hiding in stone # 27 from Miseria. Great shading done on the tube top here. This outfit is one that is great to mix and match with just about anything. ^^

Very cute boho style outfit from BALACLAVA in stone # 28. I love the number of full outfits that have been given out so far in this hunt rather than simple logo t shirts or the like. You can tell the designers really put a lot of work into these rather than half assing something just to get thier name in the hunt for advertising ^^


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