The darker side of (second) life…

Skipping Stones Hunt Part 4

Well about halfway through the hunt and I’m totally impressed so far. I have to admit I’m one to completely ignore gridwides for the most part but with a lot of the names in this one I had to give it a go.. and I’m so glad I did ^^

Well anyone who knows me knows that I have an addiction for random stuff to hang out of my mouth, or nose as is the case with my new favorite nose pencils from Reek but thats a whole other story 😛  Needless to say I was more than excited with the adorable gumball machine hiding in stone # 32 from M. Fox, a bubble gum machine that gives you a gumball that makes your AV blow bubbles ❤ love it ^^ Also worn in picture is hair in stone # 30 from Clawtooth 🙂

Super funny bikini with baggy white trash unicorn shirt hiding in stone # 35 from Pig. I lol’d when I saw this one. I must say completely not what I was expecting from this shop but I love it all the same.. way too funny. ❤

Little green dress and cute necklace from Addict in stone # 39. While I’m really not much of a dress girl this is a really cute one ^^ Love the necklace too, and we all know a girl can never have enough jewelry 🙂


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