The darker side of (second) life…

Skipping Stones Hunt Part 6

Well this is it the last of my skipping stones posts. I really enjoyed this one and hope you guys found this useful in sorting through ( to me at least) the best of the gifts. However, I wouldn’t say that any of them were all that bad.. just some more me than others and I’m sorry but I’m just not one to be bought off and blog something that I would never use. 😛

I have to admit that the store at stop #52, Doppleganger, Inc. is a new one to me. However, I will also be the first to admit that I’m far from a fashionista lol.. I wear what I like which is usually from one of the same about 8 stores or so 😛 That said, I can say I was completely impressed with the cute little Scuttlebutt dress in this stone. It’s absolutely adorable ^^ I see myself finding a reason to wear this one often hehe. Also, the male outfit in this one is just as cute and in my opinion could easily be worn by both guys and girls ^^

I have always loved !Doux Petit Dahl so I was sure I would love thier gift. I was certainly not let down with the adorable bikini, necklace, and sunglasses that came in thier stone, # 55.  Perfect colors for the end of summer season. ^^

Very cute little red tartan minidress with matching stockings in stone # 57 from Acid & Mala Creations. The has been punk in me can’t say no to anything tartan, but this one really is pretty darn cute ^^

Well that’s about it really.. please note though that these are mostly only the fashion items that were of note for me. There were several other things such as the second spaces conversation porch, catnip’s eggplant chair, and DLab’s super cute mole hat that aren’t really fashion related so I decided not to add them here but they are certainly worth getting ^^ Enjoi  ❤


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