The darker side of (second) life…

Vision of Death

One of my new favorite stores, Rotten Toe,  has an awesome group giftie up ( among the several several other freebies they have out… be sure to look for the fetus in a jar in the back of the store for some sweet skins and shapes 😛 )  that you absolutely have to pick up while its still there ^^ The “Vision of Death” eyes are some of the cutest eyes I’ve seen in a long time. (apart from my new found LOVE of Tacky Star eyes that is… awesome eyes that come in a variety of sizes so no more worrying about resizing them to fit in your avatar’s fat head. 

Also shown in the pic above is the super cute “Me So Horny” gift from [DIAPOP] on the Elliot sim. This one comes with the shirt (that I am currently in love with) and a cute little skully lip it 😀  There are several other great gifties out in the pet cemetary at Elliot so pick those up if you haven’t yet…lots of great stuff to be had there, and who can complain about a price like free 😀

Also Worn in This Post:

Hair  – Harajuku Star by Malizz Yiyuan Creations

Skin – Misty Wrecked (Limited Edition) by League

Jeans – Garage Jeans by league

Earrings – Gauged Ears by Autui


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