The darker side of (second) life…

New(ish) gifties @ Lazolli

Well ok I know… I’ve been slacking. But… but but but.. I have a good distraction ^^ which I’m sure we can all appreciate 😛  That said, forcing myself to focus and get my arse back to work here lol.

Lazolli has a newish freeb up back by their discount skins with not 1 but 2 prety darn cute skins  ^^ Look for the pink box on the counter and the skins are yours for the clickin’. Not sure how long this one will be there sometimes they do take their discounts down kinda soon so get there now if you haven’t yet ^^

My favorite of the 2 ( mostly for skintone… if its not pale pale I most likely won’t wear it much although with Lazolli the tan tones are bareble.) is the Yokuba with cute pink makeup.  Great simple skin. ^^

Finally is the Charlotte skin for those of us out there that love our freckles ^^ Very cute makeup on this one, and while the skintone isn’t my usual I still like it a lot. Yet another great freebie from one of my favorite skin stores ^^

Also Worn in the Pictures:

Volt Scene Hair

Glow Studios Vanity Eyelashes

Manticorp. Neko Collar

Gabriel Hospital Bracelets by EBT

True Love (old dollarbie) from A.S.S.

Hanamachi Dream tattoo by GoK

Fluffy White Ears by PKC


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