The darker side of (second) life…

Dollarbie Day Lily Dress @ Pin Up Dolls

So I was wandering around the Wash sim, my home away from home ( and an awesome place to wander if you are looking for anything retro or just fun… be sure to check out Car Wash, home of the Fab Free headquarters while you are there if you are feeling a little funky. There are some amazing shops on both sims which are connected by a bridge in the south corner of the wash sim.)  when I ran across the cute little dollarbie Day Lily Spring Dress that Pin Up Dolls has just inside the entrance of thier store there. Now, bieng that this is a spring dress, not sure how much longer it will be there so get it while you can ^^ Pin – Up Dolls is a great little retro store that I have picked up a number of random cute little rockabilly dollarbies from time to time, and this dress is no exception.. love it ^^

Also Worn in Picture:

Hair – ETD Chalisa 2

Skin – Cupcakes August Group Gift (Cupcakes Enchanted Classy Broad in Sienna)

Dress – Pin Up Dolls Dollarbie Day Lily Spring Dress

Necklace – EarthStones Beaded Touch Necklace – Lapis/Silver


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