The darker side of (second) life…

Error Shoot

I stumblued across this sim while wandering and was so happy for such a lucky find! The landscape here is beautiful I absolutely love it. I had soo much fun doing this one ^^

I love the barren feel here i could easily get lost in thought here for hours ^^

While it is landscaped beautifully it isn’t completely overbrowded like some places tend to be in SL. So many sims would be beautiful if thier owners took the time to think thier layout out a bit rahter than simply cramming everything together.

I absolutely loved the rich textures here.. so much to work with it was hard not to take pictures of everything lol

I had a lot of fun playing with the lighting here ^^ The water was beautiful with rocks scattered here and there. It really helped give the place a realistic feel ^^

I love how this sim could easily be done in a darker or lighter setting or mood. While of course dark is my usual I might have to go back and do a slightly lighter set just for fun hehe ^^


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