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Opening Gifts From Black Market

The super awesome pirate themed shopping sim, Black Market, opened yesterday and to celebrate they had a pirate’s booty in gifties out on the docks from store that have set up shop in the sim. Some great stores here and the gifties are top quality ^^ Make sure you stop by and get these while they are out or you will regret it for sure!

Several stores had a number of gifts out! One of those stores is Twosome who has out a cute tank top and this cute little purple dress. Great colors in all of the pieces offered by this store.. one way to win me over easy is to offer something cute in purple lol ^^

A little of something for everyone here with gifts ranging from hair to skins, shapes and eyes. Lots of great casual piratey themed items with a few less than casual things thrown in. Shown in this pic is the cute hair from Ohmai and the awesome top from Etoile.

I think my favorite of the booty scavenged from this one is the absolutely adorable top by Mayoniase. I couldn’t like this one more! Great colors it matches  my wardrobe well lol, and very creative. If nothing else pick this one up ^^

Last but certainly not least of the gifts that I rather enjoyed (although there are countless others these are just the ones that really stuck out to me 😛 ) are the super adorable and super silly skin from My Ugly Dorothy and the cute piratey themed tank from Misiria. I love the details on both of these.. so much fun ^^.



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