The darker side of (second) life…

RBCG Grand Re-Opening Giftie **Tonight Only**

RBCG is having a grand reopening bash to celebrate thier grand re-opening.  During the party they have set out a super cute ILU that hangs from your mouth, and if you are anything like me you absolutely can’t get enough crap to hang out of your mouth. Only in SL would we indulge in such a thing to this extent, right ? lol. I mean honestly… people would think we had issues if we were in RL letting poptarts, toast, and even dead fairies hang from our lips as we stood in the middle of a serious conversation. I can just imagine in the middle of a job interview “oh excuse me my toast is getting soggy from sitting on my lips for the past few hours…” Oi.. Regardless, drop what you are doing and get down there now to get this one.. it’s way too cute to pass up and you can’t go wrong with a price like 1L ^^



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