The darker side of (second) life…

Delightfully Dorky

One of my major weaknesses in Second Life is poses. I don’t know what I would do without them. Of course, I suppose that only makes sense as an amateur photographer but my collection of poses has been growing long before my addiction to photography came about.  I absolutely love all of the amazing poses that are out there from a lot of great creators. So when the notice came across regarding the cute bubble pose at Adorkable I had to go check it out. They have a LOT of really cute poses here at awesome prices! Also available are 2 freebie poses on a shelf under the stairs as well as a cute face emoter for free.

Adorkable will be in 3 of the upcoming gridwides this September.. the Mother/Daughter Hunt (which I got to preview and OMG some seriously cute gifts, but more on that later *wink*), the Game Day Hunt, and the upcoming Dark Katz Hunt so be sure to grab thier gifties for those hunts, I’m sure they will be great!



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