The darker side of (second) life…

Get Your A.S.S. Over to Get This Skin ^^

One of my favorite stores, A.S.S., announced yesterday that they have new skins up in thier lucky chair. They have a male Bishounen skin as well as a gothy female skin available. My only complaint here is that there isn’t a male chair and a female chair so you have to be espicially lucky to get the skin you want to come up for your letter (or if you’re super lucky like me and get a wildcard ^^)  There are also a TON of freebies here, including 2 freebie Bishounen skin fat packs, some cute boots, and pay what you like on a lot of cute items. Also, be sure to join the subscrib-o while you’re here to get notices on the cute Dollartee of the week. They are always super cute ^^

Also worn in the pic is absolutely adorable (tysm Lucky Kitty Crew for this one ^^) poison juicebox available on the Lucky Board at *mocorin*  I absolutely love this.. don’t think I’ll be taking this one off for a while now so I apologize in advance if all of my posts are juicebox filled for a while 😛




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