The darker side of (second) life…

Outfit Up for Nada at NADAS

NADAS has a cute litle pink polka dot outfit up as thier weekly freebie today. This one comes with bikini (or underwear?) , skirt, top, stockings, and shoes! While most of it isn’t really something I would wear too often i have to say the pink polka dot shoes I will very easily find many uses for ^^

Also up for grabs (right next to a MM for another outfit!) is a 10L cheapie black and white businessey/sexy looking affair. This one is pretty cute and worth the 10L easily IMO. This is a limited time offer so be sure to go grab it asap. ^^ Also available upstairs (which is where the freebie outfit is located. The cheapie outfit is downstairs by the entrance) are several other outfits set for 0L, some gestures, a sex hud and other random things that you may or may not find useful ^^


Also Worn in Pictures:

(pic 1)

Hair – Beth by Refuge

Skin – Jade by Lazolli

(pic 2)

Hair – A by Magika

Skin – Jade by Lazolli

Shoes – Animosity Boots by Sinistyle


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