The darker side of (second) life…

Car Wash Labor Day Back to School Sale

It’s that time again! Car Wash and the Wash are having thier second annual Labor Day Back to School Sale and this year its bigger and better than ever! The sims are pack to the gills with carts full of items 10L and under. (psst.. looots of freebies to be had here!)  So many good designers in the sale this year like Artilleri, Nacht Musik, U&R Dogs, Sea Hole, and Hellbop Clothing make this sale one you do NOT want to miss! Also be sure to stop by the Fab Free Headquarters on the Car Wash sim while you’re there for enough freebies to make any freebie addict happy.  ^^

I picked up a whole inventory worth of things from this sale but some of my favorites are actually from stores that are new to me. The adorable bathtub planter with sit animation built in was a steal for only 10L. Lots of other super cute things available from Ladybugs as well including a Ladybug you can sit on, and rainboots! ( I have such a bad rainboot addiction lately lol)

However those designers we all know and love certainly didn’t let us down. Artilleri has a cute casual yellow top available as well as an adorable retro lamp from thier somewhat new home interiors store. U&R Dogs has a whole cart of dollarbie jewelry that is a must have (but sadly jewelry never photographs well for me :_:) and  Sea Hole has some super cute skins available for a steal of 10L each.



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