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Mother Daughter Hunt Preview

Wow there are soo many hunts coming up in September! I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely Gertie Packerbies to the preview party for the Mother Daughter Hunt, hosted by Treetops Spa. Unfortunatly RL took over that night so I was unable to attend the party but luckily the staff at Treetops was kind enough to leave the hunt gifties out long enough for stragglers like myself to stop by and pick them up the next morning. I was very impressed with the friendly staff and lovely setting of the Treetops Spa. They offer a number of super fun services at great prices too! ..and come on what pixel girl couldn’t use a little pampering. ( They also have a lovely make up table available in the hunt with all kinds of little make ups, applicators and a usable hairbrush so make sure to pick that up for all your at home pampering ^^)

There are so many great things in this hunt and what could be better than spending some time out hunting with your little princess for things both of you will enjoy! Several stores offer both mother and daughter prizes and many others offer things that you can both enjoy together. Also, this one isn’t as long as many of them tend to be so a great way to spend an afternoon without having to dedicate a whole week or so to hunting lol.

Chicatique is offering an adorable Mime outfit in both mother and daughter versions (don’t worry moms the daughter version is much less ‘revealing’ ^^)  I love how fun and lighthearted these outfits are, they would be adorable for any mom and daughter to wear together ^^

Evie’s Closet has a daughter version of thier Jinx dress available but to be honest this dress would look great on mom or daughter lol. I love the rich colors and the textures of any Evie’s Closet dress. This dress is a must have for any girl regardless of age ^^ Also comes with the adorable shoes that I see myself wearing a lot with or without the dress lol.

One store that I adore both the mother and daughter prize from is Razzberry. They really went above and beyond to make both the adorable children’s vanity and the sleek and sophisticated mothers vanity and mirror.



Also Worn in Pictures :


Hair – Beth by Refuge

Ears and Antlers – Fawnication by Gritty Kitty

Skin – Poppy by Tyranny Designs ( 50L Fridays sale)

Necklace – NES necklace by Reek ( 50L Fridays sale)

Shoes – MalizZtar by Malizz Yiyuan Designs ( freebie!)

Outfit – Mime by Chicatique ( MD Hunt gift)


Hair – Childlike Hair by HPMD

Skin – Charlotte by L’Oring (freebie!)

Dress & Shoes  – Tiny Jinx by Evie’s Closet ( MD Hunt gift)


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