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Got That Not So Fresh Feeling?

Well then get over to Sn@tch and grab those douches! Only one day left for this hunt as it ends on Aug. 31st.  A short but sweet hunt conveniently held on the same weekend as the poop hunt ( be sure to stock up on hand sanitizer 😛 ) Lots of good things to be grabbed at Sn@tch City but do be careful while grabbing those douches.. some are NOT freebies or even cheapies. Several I ran across were set to L$25, L$50, and even L$100. To be honest this is a huge pet peeve of mine when it comes to hunts. I mean, if you’re doing a hunt why charge so much for your “prize”? To me that’s not a prize its a sale item, and honestly with the large  number of designers throwing anything and everything they can into any hunt out there for cheap and easy advertising I would personally never pay that much for an item when I have no way of knowing what I am actually getting for my money. Call me cheap (insert Mr. Krabs laugh) but I want to know what I’m paying for before anyone gets my Ls.

Lots of T shirts, some eyes, bracers, jewelry, even some shoes to be had here in a plethera of douches with cute summery names.. gotta stay fresh 😛 Just about everything I found would be a good addition to any punk or neko wardrobe ^^


Worn in Pictures :


Ears & Antlers – Fawnication by Gritty Kitty

Hair – Harajuku Star by Malizz Yiyuan Creations

Shirt – Skeleanimals T by Forsaken ( Douche Hunt Prize)

Eyes – Illuminati Doll Eyes – Mechanical Error ( Douche Hunt Prize)

Bracelet – Concrete Flowers Rainbow Shag Bands

Tattoo – Hanamachi Dream by GoK

Pants – Kitty Patch Capris by Wrong

Skin – Jade by Lazolli

(pic 2)

Ears & Antlers – Fawnication by Gritty Kitty

Hair – Edie by Sn@tch ( douche hunt prize)

Necklace – Neko Collar by Manticorp

Eyes – Soulful Eyes by Sn@tch ( douche hunt prize)

Bracers – Self Injury Kit by Rotten Toe

Shirt – Be Mine or Die T by ReTox ( douche hunt prize)

Pants – Red Faded Stripe Bloomers by vth Column (douche hunt prize)

Nails – Sn@tch nail candy in toxic ( douche hunt prize)

Skin – Jade by Lazolli


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    • Because hunts are to get freebies… isn’t a matter of paying for something. If you are going to mark down items call it a sale. Not a hunt.

      September 1, 2009 at 4:20 am

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