The darker side of (second) life…

I <3 Group Gifts

I ❤ 13 announced a new group gift today, and while the antlers by Gritty Kitty remain my favorite the antlers by I<3 13 released today are super cute with little ladybugs on them ^^. Lots of other great older group gifts available here as well so make sure you get them all.. everything from banana crowns to creepy heads lol.

There is a L$13 fee to join the group but with the number of awesome, unique gifts that come out from this one VERY frequently its so worth it.. plus L$13 is a lot better than those groups charging L$250 or more ^^


Also Worn in Picture:

Hair – Hate Me by Magika

Skin- Stitched Mistress by Tacky Star

Eyes – Ghoul Fest by Tacky Star

Necklace – Locked Heart Choker by Katat0nik

Dress – Skull and Stripes by Katat0nik ( 50L Fridays)

NOH8 Mouth tape freebie by I ❤ 13


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