The darker side of (second) life…

Bunneh Lovin’

Well I’m soo glad I stopped wasting my time on getting to this Tyranny birthday shin-dig because apparently tonight is the last night for the sale and the hunt gifts have already been removed due to people  bieng rude… which seriously, I find disgusting. Not on Tyr’s part of course, she has every right to do what she wants, but on the part of her customers. I don’t know the whole story as I avoid drama like the plague, I’m sure there are plenty of other blogs you can go to that are more than happy to gossip your ear off for an hour on that. I just have to wonder what is going on with people in SL lately. It seems everyone feels entitled to freebs and that they have every right to treat designers like shit.. have some decency people, seriously. Sadly, and I kick myself in the arse for this one because I always like Tyranny’s hunt gifties, I have no idea what the gifts were. However, the bunneh backpack that is still available (until tonight I think so grab it NAO!!11!1!) is beyond cute with the little bunneh fishing out of your backpack…I absolutely love it ❤

Worn in the Picture:

hair – Mingo freebie hair

Skin – Misty in Emo by League

Shirt – Halloween Yet? by This is Fawn ( 50L Fridays goodie)

Skirt and Tights – Courduroy Skirt in Berry by Cupcakes ( 60% off gift cards this weekend super great deal! )

Bracer – Self Injury Kit by Rotten Toe

Bracelets – Gabriel Hospital Bracelets by EBT

Tattoo – Hanamachi Dream by WoT



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