The darker side of (second) life…

Group Lovin’ from WWI

Yay I’m back \o/  I  know I’ve been neglecting my little dead dolls lately but for good reason I assure you! However, with my new horror RP sim all built and open I can get back to the fun stuff and back to finding those super freebies ^^  ( oh and if you’re interested in a new horror RP that isn’t all that dark urban stuff that’s everywhere.. which don’t get me wrong its fun I love some of those sims I just needed something a little different so I made it myself lol.. feel free to stop by and check us out, we’re DCS and through the end of the week we’re offering triple XP and a 500XP bonus to all new characters approved this week ^^ )

Anyway.. on to the freebies! ^^ Great news from WWI with both a new group gift out and a notecard sent to thier subscrib-o group to grab it quick because they will be changing them weekly now if not more often. This one is a cute skull tank great for those casual Halloween outfits for those of us who have already decided it time to start celebrating ^^ So make sure to go grab it while it’s there since they will be changing out frequently ^^

Worn in the Picture:

Hair – OMFG Mia Snow Special Edition by House of Munster

Skin – Misty (Emo) by League

Top – WWI skull halter ( group gift)

Skirt and Tights –  Courduroy Skirt in Berry by Cupcakes ( 60% off sale on gift cards there so grab those while you can ^^)

Shoes – Porn Star Low Tops by UBU

Bracelets – Gabriel Hospital Bracelets by EBT

Necklace – Bone Choker by Cats of a Feather

Tattoo – Hanamachi Dream by WoT

Mouth Stitches – In Stitches by Something in Your Mouth

Eyes – Ghoul Fest by Tacky Star

Nails – Heart Nails by This Way!

Eyelashes – Vanity by Glow Studios



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