The darker side of (second) life…

Avast Ye Land Lubbers Its Talk Like A Pirate Day

yah… sorry about that lol.. my pirate is a bit rusty 😛 Regardless there’s some gret booty to be had today as more and more designers throw things out for Talk Like A Pirate Day. My favorite so far is the Pitrate Lolita dress by Violent Seduction for only L$1 today ❤ but the Treasure Island hat by Grim Bros. ( still in the MM today if you haven’t gotten it yet) is a very close second. Not only cute, it wins instant points in my  book for not bieng a total pain in the arse to adjust like most SL hats tend to be.

Remember to subit those epic pirate sightings to the Diary of a Lucky Chair Stalker blog at : ^^


Worn in The Picture:

Hair – Wild Woman Hair by Mia Snow

Hat – Treasure Island tophat by Grim Bros.

Eyes – Lost Eye by I ❤ 13

Juicebox – *mocorin* bat juice back from Gacha Machine @ Albero Gacha Fest

Dress Skin, and Sword – Pirate Lolita by Violent Seduction ( 1L today only for Talk Like a Pirate Day)

Tattoo – Hanamachi Dream by GoK


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