The darker side of (second) life…

You Want This junk

Well i have to admit from the start that I am rather biased on this one lol. I have  been a huuuge fan of junkDrawer since about a year ago when I got a pesky little ghost (thus embarking on a year of increasilgly more tedious gridwide hunts X_X) with some of my absolute favorite things in SL in it. The Nevermore tombstone “seat” has had a place in every home I have had since then (indoors and out.. tombstones make good chairs :P)  In both my first and second lives my 2 main weaknesses are Dia De Los Muertos and Edgar Allan Poe so anything I find in SL of either I grab but this one is a certain favorite ^^Even now it holds a welcome spot as the centerpiece of my cemetery on my land. A “thinking chair” of sorts, its a safe bet that my arse has perched on it at some point throughout the day lol.

The latest releases from junkDrawer are the absolutely adorable Frou-Frou Kitty Tiara, Punk Tiara, and a matching Punk Collar. The detailing is amazing on these with cute little safety pins and anarchy sign on the punk tiara and little fishbones on the kitty one. They are also completely customizable with tons of options for the cameo textures and resizer script ( which I would be lost without half the time lol i ❤ resizer scripts) Absolutely perfect for all of that cute scene hair that has been slowly showing up more frequently lately ^^ So seriously go  grab one asap you know we all have those days where life simply isn’t complete unless enjoyed in a tiara lol.


Worn in Pictures:

(pic 1)

Hair – Fluffah by House of Munster

Tiara and Collar – Punk Tiara and Punk Collar (texture change!) by junkDrawer

Eyes – Something of Lavendar by Tacky Star ( 50% off eye sale this weekend ^^)

Piercing – Dimples Piercing by [Atomic]

Jacket – Punk Jacket by Rebel

Skin – Misty (Wrecked) by League

(pic 2)

Hair – Cuteness by House of Munster

Tiara – Frou – Frou Kitty Tiara by junkDrawer

Ears – Hello Kitty Ears by Sweet Leo

Necklace – Dollface Necklace by Violet Voltaire (jewelry fair)

Shirt – Cry F-Owl by Tyranny Designs ( 50L Fridays)

Tattoo – Bye Bye Birdie by Tacky Star

Eyes – Munsters Eyes by Tacky Star ( 50% off eye sale this weekend ^^)

Skin – Misty (wrecked) by League


2 responses

  1. Maddie Camus

    OMG LOL you are way too cute for words. SO glad I met you and SO excited to be a part of Dead Dolls! XOXOXO

    September 24, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    • /me blushes lol. I could certainly say the same 😀

      September 24, 2009 at 7:42 pm

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