The darker side of (second) life…

50L Fridays yay \o/

Another 50L Fridays is afoot and I have to say, while there were some adorable things to be had at a bargain, overall I am just not all that impressed with 50L Fridays as I had once been. Now, don’t get me wrong…the quality of it all is wonderful, it’s not that. However, in the beginning, it seemed more like a great day to find random cute things that I could add to my collection of random junk. While some stores still produce junk I’ll gladly put in my inventory it seems for the most part the event as a whole has catered to more couture styles than mine seems to be. I’m simply not finding anything “useful” I suppose you could say.

That said, there were some super cute grabs to be had today (psst you’ve still got until 11:59 SLT tonight :P) I absolutely adore both of the hairstyles up for grabs at CBC. The Good Evening hair is a new favorite of mine with its lovely antique-ish qualities. I’m actually excited about putting an AV together around that hair when I get a chance lol. The other hair available is an updo and is just as cute. Both available in blondish and red tones. As well, the shoes at Kookie are beyond cute. While out of my usual color range they were just too cute to pass up. Guess even the un-girliest of girls can’t pass up a super cute pair of shoes, eh? Ooh and be sure to drop by R.C. Cluster and grab the washing machine ^^ It is hilarious, as usual with anything from R.C. Cluster lol.



Worn in Picture:

Hair – Good Evening by CBC ( 50L Fridays)

Eyes  – Ghoul Fest by Tacky Star

Necklace – brass key necklace by *GF* ( freebie)

Outfit – Leda Bustier by This is Fawn (50L Friday)

Shoes – Powder Puff by Kookie ( 50L Friday)

Skin – Misty (Emo) by League

Nails – Zombie Nails in Black by [Love Soul]


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