The darker side of (second) life…

\o/ More Newness at Dead Doll HQ

Bleh its just  one of those Sundays I wish I could just stay in bed lol. The change to fall hit me hard this year, but I have plenty to keep me busy trying on all the awesome gifties that the Dead Doll designers have been putting out at HQ as well as sending through notices ( remember if you are new to the group, or decide to join you can always get past gifties from the notices tab of the group information.)

/RCS/ has an epic gift out at HQ. I absolutely love this shirt lol… very much like most of my RL wardrobe so I was completely geeked to see something like it in SL ❤  Also available in group notices are a cute, punky pair of capris from Shabby Cat.  I love the little bandaids on these, way too cute ^^ Lots of other great things at HQ and in notices and more to come soon ❤

Don’t forget we still have shops for rent at ..::Muertos::.. the home of Dead Dolls too with something for everyone with prices from L50 to L250 per week depending on prim allowances ^^


Worn in Picture:

Hair – OMFG by House of Munster

Ears – Fawnication by Gritty Kitty

Glasses – Star Sunglasses by Decollage

Necklace – Neko Collar by Manticorp

Shirt – Aborted Fuck Fight Shirt by /RCS/ ( Dead Dolls freebie)

Pants –  Checks n Skulls by Shabby Cat ( Dead Dolls freebie)

Shoes – Porn Star Low Tops by UBU

Belt – Pyramid Stud Belt by Artilleri

Tattoo – Hanamachi Dream by WoT

Bracelet – Rainbow Shag Bands by Concrete Flowers

Slingshot by WWI


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