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First Batch of Halloween Freebies

halloween freebs

The first *good* batch of Halloween freebies just keeps getting bigger and bigger today ^^ Can’t complain there lol. Lots of great holiday goodies to be had ❤  Some of my favorites so far this year are Sanu and [Love Soul] with their cute noms and *not so* noms like the super cute “battycupcakes” that fly around you ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Shea by Adored ( freebie)

Hat –  Halloween hat by Roman (freebie)

Necklace – Ruru@Pino Panda Necklace ( freebie)

Ears – Kyu-to Neko Ears by Dirty Lynx

Pumpkin Lollipop – [Love Soul] lucky chair secret prize #2

Top – Limited Edition Trick or Treat by Haven Designs ( lucky board and riot vend)

Skirt & Leggings  – Voodoo Lolli by Sn@tch

Shoes – Cuppie Ballet Flat by Sanu

Tattoo – Hanamachi Dream by GoK

Skin – Calm by Tacky Star (pighead hunt)

Handbag – Lycee Halloween Handbag 10L each several different styles ^^

Pose – Music Box Dancer AO by Ana_Mations (lucky chair)


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