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I Want Your Skull, I Need Your Skull

For some reason skulls always get the Misfits stuck in my head lol. Anyway.. so much going on at Belle Morte Studios I don’t even know where to begin! So lets start with the fun stuff lol. Tons of freebies available through the month of October ^^ First up is the Skulls Halloween Hunt. Belle Morte’s first gridwide and the gift includes a corset and capris.

Continuing with the freebies the unlucky chair is updated with 2 special Limited Edition Halloween corsets, the Freddy Corset and the Punkin Corset. As well the Halloween neko tail is also still available in the unlucky chair.

freddy corsetpunkin corset ad

Also available for 50L each are the rainbow colored Velvety Corsets. Fat Pack of all 6 colors available for 250L or for FREE in the MM board so be sure to take the time to give it a good slap 😀

corset fatpack ad

Also available for 1L the Belle Morte freebie corset in green. A more silky version of the velvety one.

freebie corset adFinally for freebies a little something for my little Dead Dolls, a mix and match combo outfit including 2 pairs capris and 2 corsets available only to Dead Dolls of SL group members and only at the Dead Dolls of SL Headquarters ^^

Dead Dolls Freebie OutfitAll jeans at Belle Morte are now sold in packs of 2 for 100L (includes ripped and regular versions and leg prims) So thats like 50L per pair! :O can’t beat that ^^ Skinny jeans are not included.

Cutie Bootie Flares Ad v2cutie bootie capris ad v3




2 responses

  1. I think they should be called “corpsets.”

    October 1, 2009 at 11:48 am

    • lmao thats kinda catchy.. ill have to think of ones to make for a special halloween edition lol xD

      October 1, 2009 at 1:31 pm

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