The darker side of (second) life…

\o/ Horray for Homemade Cookie Day

Today is Homemade Cookie Day and to celebrate RC Cluster has ingredients for chocolate chip cookies ( 4 total : sugar, flour, eggs, and chocolate chips) hidden throughout the store. Each ingredient has one of their super cute “baking cookie themed items from mixing bowls to tea sets. With all the huge gridwides starting today this was a little fun one to start the day with lol.


Worn in Picture:

Hair – Shea by Adored (freebie)

Skull Bow –  Skullband by House of Munster

Milk Carton – MilksyMoo Ichigo by KUE (gacya item)

Dress – Halloween 2009 by Lycee

Shoes – rurukok@kabo cheapies

Eyes – Golden teal eyes by Shine Lustrious

Skin – Misty (emo) by League

Milk, Cookies, and Milk Moustache – RC Cluster Cookie Hunt prizes ( freebies)


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