The darker side of (second) life…

Gypsy Flea Market

We all know we have it, some of us horribly more so than others ( I know Im guilty lol).. that inventory that we know we will never use but don’tknow what to do with. The ..::Muertos::.. gypsy flea market is the place for you! Come hang out in ..::Muertos::.. and sort that monster inventory and donate those items you know you have absolutely no other use for. All donated items go into a mailbox for screening. All items that are not quite the quality that we are looking for will be returned to you. No full perm freebie items please. Be sure to join the Village of ..::Muertos::.. group to stay up to date on all of the great events we have planned like horror movies in the Dead Dolls HQ for the entire month of Octobergreat contests and events as Halloween gets closer and much much more ^^.

To receive a random item from the basket click to pay your 10L Your item should come in a folder labeled “Flea Market basket”.  You may play as many times as you would like but please be mindful of other people who may be waiting ^^ All proceeds from the Flea Market will go to support Dead Dolls of SL and their home sim ..::Muertos::..



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