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Costume of the Day : Day 5

So I see a lot of people doing “look of the day” or “outfit of the day” this and that and thought it would be fun ( and a good use for all the random Halloween crap I have picked up through the years lol) to do a costume of the day every day in October. ^^ Needless to say I’m already far too excited for Halloween lol. Of course you may be thinking wait, day 5? WTH happened to day 1-4 right? lol. Never fear all previous costumes will be posted shortly in a catch up post..had some RL to play for a while this weekend šŸ˜›

So the costume for day 5 is the Violent Seduction demon costume. I love it (just like everything else in the store lol) ^^ Perfect girly yet deadly interpertation of the character ā¤ I have about 3 other demon avatars/costumes and by far this is the best one I have seen.


Worn in Pictures:

Horns, Skin, Hooves, Eyes – Hellsent by Violent Seduction

Hair – Jimi by Deviant Kitties ( 75L sale)

Necklace – Razorblade Romance Dollarbie by Otaku Designs

Juicebox – Bat Pack Juice by *mocorin* (10L Gacya)

Tattoo – Nevermore tattoo by Belle Morte Studios


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