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Costume of the Day: Day 6

Ok so I have to admit that this one is more of a re-working that I am doing of an old roleplay character that I am trying to bring back to life in my spare time lol. It still fits into the costume range though, no? 😛 It gets a little difficult to decipher what really is considered a costume when you are like me and actually wear what some would consider a costume more often than not lol.  I’m really happy with how this one is coming together so far though hehe. ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Scene Queen by Deviant Kitties

Ears – Elfin Ears by Illusions

Skin – Misty (wrecked) by League

Autopsy Scars – Autopsia by Blood and Scars

Juice Box – Bat Pack Juice by *mocorin* (10L Gacya)

hat, lace top, gloves, and choker – Black Dancer by Rotten Toe

Wire Skirt – Black and White Outfit by Rotten Toe

corset, skirt, and panties – Eros by Violent Seduction

Eyes – Blue Mist by Avid

Shoes – D’Orsay Platforms by VvB


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