The darker side of (second) life…

omg Freebies <33

So many great freebies out there with Halloween just around the corner but the freebies keep piling up close to home with Dead Dolls designers putting out more and more great freebies every day ❤

My favorite for the day is the Harlequin dress from Morbid Mausoleum Designs for Dead Dolls group members ^^ This awesome dress can be found in Dead Dolls past notices and is so cute! I love the colors in this one so much.. certainly an epic little dress ❤

Available at Headquarters today is the super cute Dead Dolls tail by Rag – A – Muffins. I love the concept of these tails with their patchwork apperance. A nice, original twist with all of the psuedo nekos running around these days. ^^ The Atticus shirt in the picture can be found at /RCS/ for only 1L ^^

I got in the freebie mood too and decided to drop my first *recent* attempt at tattoos in a while into group notices as well. ( Look for the new tattoo notice coming this week ^^)



Worn in Pictures:

(pic 1 )

Hair –  The Black Widow by CBC ( Special Halloween colors 75L)

Eyes – Blue Mist by Avid

Skin – Translucent Angel by Tacky Star

Dress – Dead Harlequin by Morbid Mausoleum

(pic 2)

Hair – Scene Queen by Deviant Kitties

Skin – Rocka by Doux Petite Dahl

Cinnabon by Lurvebite

Ears – Kyu-to Neko Ears by Dirty Lynx

Eyes – Blue Mist by Avid

Top –  Atticus Double Cross T by /RCS/ ( 1L instore)

Boxers – Heart Briefs by Aitui

Tail – Dead Doll Tail by Rag A Muffin Tails

(pic 3)

Hair – Scene Queen by Deviant Kitties

Skin – Misty (emo) by League

Nipple Tape – Voodoo Lolli by Sn@tch

Tattoo – Nevermore Tattoo by Belle Morte ( dead dolls freebie – notices)

Booty Shorts –  Scream in Vain by Sn@tch


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