The darker side of (second) life…

\o/ yay a sale

Yup you read right its a 50% off sale on absolutely everything at Belle Morte Studios. That includes the new tattoos, but as Dead Dolls members you all gotmy personal favorite the Nevermore tattoo free anyway ^^Sale ends on Sunday night at midnight SLT so hurry hurry prices as low as 10L!

So yes, I said tattoos ^^  Not many yet.. I know. I had a total slacker week this week not really sure wth my problem is lol. More to come soon I assure you ❤ First is my Emo Girl tattoo. Just something simple and girly. I hope to make my tattoos interchangable soon so you can build and change layers to make tons of different options(when I have time X_X) so for now Im not really doing anything too busy. 😛

Nevermore Tattoo Ad

Finally the Nevermore Tattoo ( which can be found for free in Dead Dolls group notices ^^). Just a fun little tattoo to pay homage to my adoration of Edgar Allan Poe ^^ A fun, completely random tattoo lol.



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