The darker side of (second) life…

Fleshy Linden Fridays? O_o

Ok so we all can have an off day right? lol.  I am so excited this Friday is epic for good and supercute deals ❤ Not only is it time for yet another 50L Fridays but today is also Zombiefest  \o/  All kinds of things scheduled for Zombiefest and tons of great freebies and cheapies out. On top of that everything sold will benifit the red cross so perfect excuse to buy something you’ve had your eye on for a while lol ^^

Rotten Toe, one of my favorite stores as well as a Dead Dolls Designer ^^, has a super cute cheapie dress out and freebie hair \o/ I absolutely love it and I’m so glad to see Rotten Toe venturing into hair. With things still up in the air with House of Munster it’s good to have another hair store to go to… I can’t wait to see what else she makes lol.

On top of all the great freebies and cheapies to be had (as well as brain nomming fun 😛 Be sure to hit the subscrib-o while you’re there to stay up to date on all the events and DJs throughout Zombiefest ) there are some great stores there with items at a lowered price with proceeds going to the American Red Cross.  I picked up the Voodoo Choker from Yellow Jester while I was there. I’ve been wanting this for a while and when proceeds go to charity I would be a fool not to buy it, right? I love having to justify my shopping addiction to my friends lol.

But with all the flesh eating fun going on at Zombiefest don’t forget to do a 50L Fridays run while you are out! There is some super cute stuff in this one and some great new stores like Dopplegangers, Inc. Katat0nik has one of her super cute cupcake hoodies out in this 50L Friday ( this one has a unicorn humping a cupcake <3)  Tiny Burd also has some adorable hair in this 50L Fridays available in 3 different colors with a super cute (color change) kitty mask. The absolute perfect hair to wear through the month of October ^^>


Worn in Pictures:

* All poses used are from Olive Juice Zombiefest dollarbie pose pack ^^

(pic 1)

Hair – Zombie Hair by Rotten Toe ( zombiefest freebie)

Dress, Tights, Shoes – Suicidal Blue by Rotten Toe ( 20L zombiefest cheapie)

Pumpkins – Botanical 50L Fridays

Skin – The Stitched Mistress by Tacky Star

Eyes – Lost Eyes by I ❤ 13

(pic 2)

Hair –  Rats Nest by Catnip ( zombiefest *not free*)

Eyes – Lost Eyes by I ❤ 13

Skin – Elfy Skin by Peebox ( zombiefest dollarbie)

Necklace – Voodoo Bone Choker by Yellow Jester (zombiefest *not free*)

Muddy Hand Prints – Decollage freebie ( not sure if still available)

Skirt – Wendy Silks by Haven Designs

(pic 3)

Hair – Autumn Leaves by Tiny Bird ( 50L Fridays)

Eyes – Pumpkin Eyes by i ❤ 13

Skin – Elfy Skin by Peebox ( zombiefest dollarbie)

Hoodie –  Cupcake Smex Hoodie by Katat0nik ( 50L Fridays)

Skirt – Plaid Butterfly Skirt by Katat0nik ( 25L not sure if still available)


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