The darker side of (second) life…

\o/ halloween \o/

This is certainly my favorite time of year in both SL and RL. In SL tis the season for super cute holiday editions of.. well.. everything lol. In RL the wind is starting to get cold and the days are getting shorter. There has always been something comforting in fall for me.. maybe cause Im a November baby, who knows lol. Many of SLs designers are feeling the fall fever as well with tons upon tons of super adorable things coming out everyday for Halloween. ^^

One of my personal go-to stores when I want something cute is KUE! They have so many adorable Gacya machines in their store as well as a daily freebie ( for Halloween \o/ cute stuff!)  Their lucky boards are loaded with adorable halloween items with promises of more on the way ^^  Another store doing a daily freebie for the month of October is XOXO and the gifties are just as cute lol certainly worth making a trip to both stores daily.

With Halloween in the air even 50L Fridays is getting more and moreghoulishly cute each week. Tyranny Designs had their super adorable “As the Crow Flies” sweater out this past Friday along with a box of free socks ❤  I’m usually not a sock perso but I love the subtle designs on these… too cute not to wear lol.

Sanu has a candy hunt going on for ( as can be expected from Sanu lol) super cute Halloween items ( a pink and purple set!)  I love how much thought goes into her hunts.. they actually seem fun for both the creator and the hunters for once rather than just a giant advertisement lol.

Not only do I love Halloween because well.. it’s Halloween, but also because this is the one time of the year that us undead citizens of SL can find good skin lol. There is certainly no shortage of the zombie skins this year with stores like Nomine, Chai, and tons of others getting into the action, but I have to say that the new Decay skins from Frick ( only 50L each for a pack of 2 skins, decayed and nondecayed versions) are a sure favorite.

Worn in Pictures:

(Pic 1)

Hair – Sheep by =Tekuteku=  (70LS sale)

Skin –

Pumpkins, Dress, Hairbow, Basket – KUE! lucky boards

Shoes – XOXO daily freebie

Necklace – Pinned Heart by Sanu

Backpack – Gimme Your Candy Creepy Backpack by Immateria

(pic 2)

Hair –  White Well  halloween hair (freebie)

Skin –  Halloween Gift Skin by Mother Goose (freebie)

Candy Corn, Head Demon, and Shoulder Panda Ghost – KUE gacya machine ( 10L per play)

Necklace –  Boo Im A Scary Necklace by Otaku Designs ( 1L @ Blue Blood Halloween fair)

Sweater – As the Crow Flies ( by Tyranny Designs ( 50L Fridays)

Socks  – Crow socks by Tyranny Designs ( freebie box of socks)

Boots – Animosity Boots by Sinistyle

(Pic 3)

Hat – Candy Corn Witch Hat by Sanu ( Sanu candy hunt 1L)

Hair – Zombie Hair by Rotten Toe (zombiefest freebie)

Eyes – Zombie Eyes by Chai ( zombiefest freebie)

Skin – Decay Skin by Frick ( 50L each)

Necklace – I love Zombies Necklace by Paste ( not free but goes to charity <3)

Dress – Katat0nik Skulls and Stripes Dress ( Juice 2 year birfday freebie)

(Pic 4)

Hair – Reith by Curious Kitties

Eyes – Blue Mist Eyes by Avid

Skin – Decay Skin by Frick ( 50L each )

Necklace – Grey Beads by Medly ( 10L )

Dress – Sangre # 9 by Sangre Noir  ( Glance Goth show freebie)

Shoes – Animosity Boots by Sinistyle


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  1. Thanks for coming to the fashion show yesterday Zombina, it was good to see you there.

    October 11, 2009 at 1:21 pm

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