The darker side of (second) life…

Halloween Heart Hunt @ Belle Morte

Wow I have been so RL busy this week I can barely believe it is almost Friday already!  More posts to come on the super cute Halloween freebies that keep showing up on the grid soon, but for now.. time to talk about my own little (almost) freebie hunt lol.  I have decided to set my Halloween tanks on sale for only L$5 until Halloween. However, theres a catch 😛 You have to find them in 4 little orange hearts that I have placed throughout Muertos, home of Belle Morte as well as home to Dead Dolls of SL. ( psst… be sure to look up in the new skymall too :P)

Speaking of skymall Muertos has lots of rentals open since the rebuild ^^ Come check us out 😀 Great prices and great atmosphere. Be sure to keep an eye on the Dead Dolls group for updates on the opening of the new Club Absynthe in the skymall ^^



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