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Back to the Goodies

Well with Halloween coming up and with me being a mother of 2 in RL my life has been busy to say the least lol. But! I’m back to work and getting you all of those great freebie and cheapie finds after a small break hehe. Lots of great Halloween and not so Halloween goodies out there this week ^^  My absolute favorite this week? A find that I totally can’t take credit for, this one was found by fellow members of Lucky Kitty Crew ( one of the absolute best groups in SL.. I consider the kitties friends and not just fellow group members <3)  .:.OtakuDzNs.:. has my absolute favorite lucky chair at the moment, containing TONS of things for male and female chair stalkers (including Vampire Knight day and night class uniforms \o/)  Lots of cheap cuteness to be had at ALBERO sim as well for their huge simwide sale going on ^^.



Worn in Picture:

Hair – Shea by Adored ( old freebie not sure if this one is still available)

Skin – Angie Glam makeup 1 by Rotten Toe ( freebie)

Eyes – Hollow Eyes by Apogee ( freebie)

Nails in Eyes – Nailed Eye ( I ♥ 13 group gift)

Hat – ladies Halloween Hat by Vanilla C Designs ( freebie)

Necklace –  Lotus Necklace by KOSH ( dollarbie)

Dress – Wish Dress by Katat0nik ( 50L @ Albero Sale)

Boots –  VK female night class shoes by .:.OtakuDzNs.:. ( lucky chair)

Pumpkin Chair – Le*o+o lucky chair


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