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Grab Yer Torches and Pitchforks!

Ok so maybe not that kind of hunt… but OMG there are so many great Halloween Hunts going on right now. Personally, I am so over gridwides its not even funny, so I have been sticking to the smaller hunts and I have to say I am compltely happy with these lol. I think the designers put far more into their hunt prizes when they are for smaller hunts, and well honestly you don’t get those stores that make tons of crap to throw in every gridwide that comes along. (You know you can all think of a store or 2 that is in every single gridwide and yet has mostly garbage to give away, which is sad becuase most of these stores have nice things in their actual store inventory… why spread yourself so thin that you represent yourself with less than your caliber of work… makes no sense lol)

One of my favorite hunt gifts ( actually 10 of them to be exact) is the dollarbie witch hat hunt at Frick. I started out as a newbie on Frick skins and still love them just as much now that I own several far more high priced skins lol. You absolutely cannot beat the price and originality of these skins. All of the Halloween skins have beautiful eye makeup that would do good for Halloween as well as the rest of fall ^^.  (or any time if you’re like me lol)

Another good Halloween event going on is the HoPo (HodgePodge) Halloween event. Not a hunt, but you have to walk around as much as one to find participating stores lol. Lots of store have out cute Halloween dollarbies or freebies like the dress pictured above from Elate.



Worn in Pictures:

Hair – Medusa by Liquid Candy ( old freebie not sure if still available)

Eyes – Love Puppet Eyes by EVOL ( not free but really cheap)

Skin – Hallow’s Starlight by Frick ( 1L witch hat hunt gift)

Dress – Eve Halloween Dress by Elate (HoPo freebie)

Wings – Candy Corn Wings ( Sany Candy Hunt)

Boots – Asskicker Boots by KOSH ( old freebie no longer available)

Tattoo –  Addicted Tattoo by  I ♥ 13 ( group gift)


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