The darker side of (second) life…

Little Dead Riding Hood

Ok I know… I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Things have been well… insane for me both RL and SL lol X_X  However, I absolutely had to take a minute to show off the latest release from Blue Blood.  This dress is amazing! I loooove that it comes with the option of wearing with or without the cape, but honestly l love the cape so much it would be hard to get it off of me haha xD  It gives the whole dress a wonderful fairytale feel when wearing it..which I have been oddly obsessed with lately so this dress came out at the perfect time hehe.

As those of us who love Blue Blood have come to expect, the dress comes in a variety of lovely rich colors. However, being the purple fanatic that I am I had to try the purple one hehe. I have to say that Blue Blood has one of my most favorite purple tones in all of SL.. absolutely beautiful ❤  While I usually enjoy Blue Blood releases I was completely blown away with this one… way too cute  ^.^ Certainly worth getting a color, or 4… of hehe. (psst be sure to check out the lucky boards and look for the sugar skull there while you’re there :P)


Worn in Picture:

Hair – Bombshell by Armidi

Skin – Misty ( Emo) by League

Dress – Talena by Blue Blood



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