The darker side of (second) life…

Gimme Some Frickin’Braaains


I was beyond excited this evening when I got the notice from Rotten Toe that they had theirunlucky chair back out, and that it had an awesome 3pack (  all blue tones) of their Brains hair waiting inside the chair \o/ Since the first time I stepped foot in this store it has been an absolute favorite of mine, and I am so in love with the hair that has been released so far. The brains hair is certainly an instant fav with the left side cut out ( not only your hair but also your scalo and skull ^.^) so that you can see your brains hehe. This is a must have for sure but get it quick there are promises of more things added soon to the chair ( I know I can’t wait to see what that could be hehe) ^.^


Worn in Picture:

Hair – Rotten Toe Brains hair ( unlucky chair)

Skin – Frick Mystic ( group gift)

Kitten Parts – PKC white with stars ( not free)

Dress – Lollidoom by Rotten Toe ( 15L in discount section)

Tattoos – Bye Bye Birdie by Tacky Star ( not free)


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