The darker side of (second) life…

Snow Princess

Ok I know, I know… this is totally not like me lol. What can I say, the new group gift from Atomic deserves a different mood from me. It is just too cute not to dress up for, and hey! even dead girls should be allowed to play dress up once in a while, right? 😛  So yeah, as mentioned Atomic has a new group gift out! \o/ I absolutely love it too! My favorite so far of this year’s onslaught of prim antlers around the grid. (They also come with a cute little tail ^.^) The group does cost to join but with cute gifts ( including skins on occasion!) this one is oh so worth it

Worn in Picture:

Hair – CBC

Antlers – Atomic ( group gift)

Skin – Lazolli (freebie)

Dress – Blue Blood

Plush Snowman Kitteh – Deviant Kitties ( freebie)

Eyes – Tacky Star (Twisted Krissmuss.. yah I’m sure I’m spelling that wrong but you know which event I mean lol xD)

Pose – PDA



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