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Choice! Goodies

It’s that time again! Yup, Winter Choice! is here… it really snuck up on me this year lol. An awesome addition this time around though, if you join the Choice! group there is a sign nearby that you can click for one free stamp card! So everyone can get at least one thing this time ^.^  I ended up choosing 5 things in this round of mad CSR card stamping hehe. Up first on my list are the sheep horns from Gritty Kitty. These are super cute, and while they say boy, work great on either of course ^.^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – House of Munster ( group gift)

Horns & Ears – Gritty Kitty ( Choice! gift)

Eyes – Tacky Star ( Twisted Krissmus)

Tattoo – Tacky Star

Skin – Tyranny ( 25L Tuesdays)

Tank – Artilleri

Necklace – Sanu

Up Next for my list is the Niniko Jacket and Purse combo pack. Yup, I said purse, while not shown here ( Im just not a purse person really, sorry :P) there are tons of colors and its actually really cute.

Worn in Picture:

Jacket – Niniko ( CHoice! gift)

Hair – Little Heaven ( camp freebie)

Eyes – Tacky Star ( Twisted Krissmus)

Skin – Tyranny ( 25L tuesdays)

Shirt – ETD

Jeans – Belle Morte

Boots – AVZ

Wow I love the cute little gift outfit from Edelweiss. There are so many ways that you can wear this, seriously. It even comes with a cute little report card to hold in your hand hehe. Shoes and socks are also included on this one.. it really is a full outfit, and then some lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Little Heaven ( camp freebie)

Eyes – Tacky Star ( Twisted Krissmus)

Skin – Tyranny ( 25L tuesdays)

Outfit – Edelweiss ( Choice! gift)

I cannot tell you how much I love Sick. Seriously.. I can ( and do lol) wander around there for hours. While I very rarely find a use for them to be honest.. I always, always have to get their  gifts in CSR… just because they are so awesome lol.

Worn in Picture:

Mech – Sick ( Choice! gift)

Finally for me, my absolute favorite of the Choice! prizes each time around, the super cute AVs from yumyum. While I have to admit Im not a huge fan of the feet on this one ( but hey cats all have kinda big back feet right? lol)  it certainly has the same adorable qualities of the previous CSR avatars offered from yumyum.

Worn in Picture :

Hair – Tekuteku

Avatar – DP yumyum ( Choice! gift)

Dress- Katatonik ( creepy lucky santa)




3 responses

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  2. Katie

    Isn’t that skin Tyranny Dinah?

    December 23, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    • omg you are absolutely right… sheesh that’ll teach me to not double check. Im so used to wearing the Curio skin lately I assumed I had it on lmao. tysm for correcting me on that ^.^

      December 23, 2009 at 9:41 pm

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