The darker side of (second) life…

*z0m runs into a wall trying to catch up*

Wowowow what a busy year 2010 has been for me already. X_X  However, never fear I haven’t forgotten my little dead dolls lol.  Tons of great freebies and group gifts out already this year so I’m going to try to shove some of my favorites in an “uber post of randomness” to try to catch up while I actually have a free minute… before I die of shock that I have nothing else I need to do that is lol.

Up first is the super duper cute new group gift hair from Mustache! I loove the color on this one, but then I always have been partial to a good lime green. Be sure to hit the subscrib-o while you’re there for a free mustache! Every respectable lady needs one, ya know 😛

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Mustache!

Skin – Curio ( past group gift)

Mustache – Mustache! ( subscrib-o gift)

Ears – Aitui

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – Glow Studios

Outfit – Blue Blood


Up next is the absolutely super cute zebra dollarbie(? can’t really remember lol dollarbie or freebie) zebra dress from Cupcakes. As many of my friends can tell you ( Bats I’m still waiting on my lime green zebra jacket :P) I am a huuuuge fan of Zebra so I had to have this one.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Truth ( freebie fatpack)

Skin – Estyle ( lucky chair)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – Glow Studios

Ears – Aitui

Dress – Cupcakes ( dollarbie?)


Finally today is a little mix and match of some gothy goodness from around the grid. McSkin has a cute new group gift outfit out that I just love. Also, (posh) has an awesome 4 pack of 2 tone hair out great for those like who can never make their mind up anyway lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – (posh)  freebie

Eyes – Tacky Star

eyelashes – Glow Studios

Ears – Aitui

Skin – Nuuna Skin ( freebie)

Outfit – McSkin ( group gift)



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