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Spring Break

If you are anything like me then you are MORE than ready for spring to be here already. Luckily lots of cute spring-type freebies have been showing up more and more lately. One of my favorites is the super cute school girl outfit in the lucky chair at Epic. This store is somewhat new to me but OMG it is full of teh cute ^.^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Deviant Kitties ( 20L Sale.. ends soon i think)

Skin – Vive9 ( lucky toilet)

Ears – Aitui

Eyes – Tacky Star

School Girl Outfit – Epic ( lucky chair)

Bacpack – Sweet Leonard ( freebie)

Shoes – U.B.U


Another place that spring has deffinately sprung is at [KUE!]. I absolutely love love love the new items in the lucky boards there. Goes to show how far behind I have gotten lately, a friend of mine ( a very adorable fluffah kitteh ❤ one of my favorite avatars hehe) teleported me to catch a Z and I kicked myself for hours for not having read the NC from [KUE!] sooner lol xD

Luckily I’ve been having a good day and got all 3 fairly quickly.. they are sooo worth the wait though.

Worn in Pictures:

(pic 1)

Hair – Hairy Situation ( freebie)

Skin – Atomic ( group gift… i believe no longer available :<)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – Glow Studios

Dress- [KUE!] ( lucky board)

(pic 2)

Hair – G& Y hair ( dollarbie)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Eyelashes – Glow Studios

Ears – Aitui

Glasses – [KUE!] (lucky board)

Dress – [KUE!]  (lucky board)



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