The darker side of (second) life…

I’ll Take My Love Tainted, Thank You

As usual I am so very late on getting this post up, but hey… can’t break from my tradition right? *giggle* Have you heard that they Tainted Love Hunt has started? OhMahGawd there are some amazing gifties in this one, seriously lol. ( Don’t worry more on that coming soon, promise hehe) My store, Belle Morte, is in this one for once. Usually I’m not a fan of being in hunts. Sure, they are good publicity but I feel that with my schedule I just don’t have the time it takes to provide a high quality gift so it would be not only stress to myself but not fair to those who do the hunt. However, when the invite for this one came my way I had to jump on it.  I love the theme of this one and had a million ideas running through my sick little for gifties. In the end, one of my new poses won lol. My giftie is the “If I Can’t Have You Nobody Can” couples pose based off of the idea of love gone wrong. Gotta love crazy stalker boyfriends lol. (psst Deathnote shirt from the add is also now available @ Belle Morte for only 5L ^.^)

For more information on the Tainted Love Hunt check out the official blog



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