The darker side of (second) life…

Beautiful Death

Ok just a quick one for tonight.. to get me back into things lol ( forgive me if this is old news I’ve been gone way too long to know what is going on haha but give me a few days I’ll catch up 😛 )  I dropped by a new Dead Dolls store, Beauty Killer, to check them out and join the subscrib-o if they had one, and ran across some cute freebies, a super low set MM board, and some cute things in the gacha machines. Actually, everything in the store was pretty cute…and pretty cheap lol. Great scene/emo store…and believe me SL could so very use more of those lol ( I’ve already bought everything from all the others *pouts* lol)

Worn in Picture:

Hair – !lamb

Skin – Mother Goose ( lucky board)

Shirt – Beauty Killer ( MM board)

Pants – Beauty Killer ( freebie)



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