The darker side of (second) life…

Seduce Me, Violently <3

Well ok..In all fairness I’m sure this is pretty old news 😛 However, I thought I would still post on it for those of my dollies out there who prefer living under rocks like myself lol. The chair at Violent Seduction has turned into 2 chairs, one on a 2 minute timer the other on 2o minutes…the 20 minute chair has quite a few nice dresses in it, that those dollies who are maybe just getting their start in SL or who are just cheap like moi should really check out. These dresses usually retail for around L$200 – L$500 ( believe me I have just about every dress Ikaru has made and I LOVE every one. So many beautiful details they are my go to dresses for sure. )

Worn in Pictures :

(pic 1)

Hair – !lamb

Skin & Jacket – Violent Seduction ( lucky chair )

Pants – Medley

Eyes – Tacky Star

Tattoo – Pdiddle

Ears & Antlers – Gritty Kitty

( pic 2)

Hair – !lamb

Skin,Hat,  Umbrella & Dress – Violent Seduction ( lucky chair )

Eyes – Tacky Star

Ears – Gritty Kitty

Tattoo – Pdiddle



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