The darker side of (second) life…

Bikini Season


Bikini season is officially here in SL and tons of designers have some super cute ones out for free… and lots of cute freebie skins available lately too to keep you looking good in them lol xD Also, the absolutely only store that I go to for eyes, Tacky Star, released a whole mess of eyes ( don’t ask I’ve been stuck on that phrase after reading it on some grilling recipe website so everything has been a “whole mess of this or that” lol..I’m a bit odd like that, but then I’m sure you all know that by now haha ) However, my weirdness aside… these eyes are amazing. I would name a favorite but really I like them all… so much more expressive than well pretty much any others I’ve seen in SL. I’m totally hooked on them lol.


Worn in Pictures:

(pic 1)
Hair – Ronsem (freebie – much thanks to LKC for this one 😀 )
Eyes – Tacky Star
Ears – Atomic
Eyelashes – Glow Studios
Skin – Mother Goose ( lucky board)
Bikini – Pdiddle ( freebie)
Shorts – WWI

(pic 2)
Hair – Mina (1L grand opening special)
Eyes – Tacky Star
Eyelashes – Glow Studios
Ears – Atomic
Skin – Mother Goose ( lucky board)
Bikini – WWI ( freebie)


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