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Bag Lady

It seems that everywhere you turn in SL lately someone has a freebie bag available for you to pick up. While I generally find handbags in SL about as useless as toilets ( don’t get me started..) I have to admit that some of these are pretty damn cute! My favorite so far is the group gift BIG bag from YS&YS. This one is adorable and well.. the colors pretty much match like every outfit in my wardrobe… which is always a bonus lol.

Worn in Picture:

Hair  – \\Le’Boom// ( not free but omg i adore this hair ❤ )

Glasses – JE Republic ( group gift)

Skin – Curio

Ears – Panda Express

Necklace – Sinistyle

Shirt – Wonder Kids (freebie)

Movie Ticket (twilight eww but the idea is cute lol) – Wonder Kids ( subscrib-o giftie.. lots of other things in there too!)

Jeans – Insatiable Fashions ( part of a freebie outfit)

Boots –  AVZ

Bag – YS & YS ( group gift)

Scars – previously  EBT (now known as NSFW)


Another great bag out there in the sea of freebs is the cute one from LeLukta. Yet another GINORMOUS bag its great for hiding smokes, all that makeup you know you all carry around, even a few body parts in a pinch 😛  Once again, the red in this one is great for matching with my wardrobe lol. Oh, and bonus! this one comes with a skin! (also shown)

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Truth

Eyes – Tacky Star

Skin – LeLukta (freebie)

Ears – Panda Express

Shorts – COCO ( group gift)

Shirt – Mad Echo ( dollarbie)

Bag – LeLukta(freebie)

Scars – Previously EBT ( now known as NSFW)


Like what you see on the blog? That’s just a small fraction of the freebie updates available to the Dead Dolls own special little freebin’ group, Lucky Chair Zombies. Drop by the Dead Dolls HQ at the Bad Blood sim and sign up for Lucky Chair Zombies today to get up to the minute updates on all those deliciously devious freebies you know you can’t get enough of ❤


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