The darker side of (second) life…

A Freeb For All Occasions

So, ok, anyone who knows me well knows that you can NEVER guess what I’m going to be wearing lol. I go through outfits like some people go through mood swings… sometimes 5 or 6 a day. It’s sad really lol. As well as my inventory being wide and varied, my tastes seem to follow suit. Lucky for me there are enough great freebies out there lately to really help support my outfit fickleness lol.  One of my new favorites ( no not free, but seriously cheap at only 75L ) is the new Silent Lion Troupe item from Immateria. The Cats and Bats dress is just adorable… and hell, it’s named after 2 of my favorite things. Where would a  girl be without her cats or bats?  It goes great with a lot of the gothly things that have been popping up in MM boards and lucky chairs all over the grid too!

Worn in Picture:

Hair – POSH ( freebie.. one hella huge freeb fatpack available at the rumor sim.. get this or kick yourself in the ass for it later lol )

Skin – F’d Up ( MM board)

Knife – Cute Bytes (cheapie, only 30L )

Dress – ImmateriA  ( Silent Lion Troupe 75L )

Eyes – M2M (cheapie, i think only 10L but could be cheaper.. i really do need to take better notes lol )


Another of my moods is by far a more colorful one, and the freebs at HausofFox at the Rumor sim have me covered there with their lime green leggings. Seriously, its like a fetish. Give me anything lime green and I will love you forever. Add sparkles.. omg. total win.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – GOVIL ( lucky board)

Cheeks – Sunny Soon Su ( group gift)

Skin – Sunny Soon Su ( lucky board)

Shirt – Haus of Fox ( freebie @ Rumor)

Pants – Haus of Fox ( freebie @ Rumor)

Belt – Atomic

Shoes – UBU


Looking to dress it up a bit? d/w the freebie world has you covered for that one too. Glasnost has a whole huge box of super cute past items available as  a freebie on the table near the entrance of their store. Grab this one for sure.. lots of great mix and match items in there ^^

Worn in Picture:

Hair – GOVIL (lucky board)

Eyes – Umedama Holic (freebies)

Skin –  *(OO)* Yuki ( lucky board)

Dress- Glasnost ( freebie)

Shoes – Atomic

Pose – *Ribbon* ( 1L pose pack)



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