The darker side of (second) life…

Oh Mai Freebus

Well, first off… my SL is on the frittz so I won’t be adding any SLurls to this post for now ( hopefully I can get a minute to update and add them later.. sorreh >_< ) Now.. where was I? Oh right! Have you seen the new Narwhal subscrib-o outfit? Chances are you have.. it seems to be getting blogged a lot, but well I liked it so much I thought I would hop on the bandwagon too lol.

Worn In Picture:

Hair – BC322 Skull & Bones ( group gift)

Eyelashes – [Glow] studios

Eyes – Sunny Soon Su ( lucky board)

Skin – Little Girl (lucky chair)

Dress – Narwhal ( subscrib-o gift)

Shoes – Sweeter Than Candy ( group gift)

There have been sooo many hair freebies lately I’ve been getting quite spoiled lol.  One of my new favorites is from from Heart Softens. They actually have two group gifts available at the moment and the group is free to join ^^ Hair shown above is the latest group gift from them.

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Heart Softens ( group gift)

Skin – Darkerside ( MM board)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Shirt – Insatiable Fashions (lucky chair)

Pants – Equilibrium ( MM board)

Ears – Panda Express

My newest favorite freebie outfit from the past few days is the adorable purple polka dot opening gift dress from Lovely Hearts. I love the texture on this one and the skirt fits my AV perfectly ( which, like, never happens LOL so it won me over with that xD)

Worn in Picture:

Hair – Eha ( freebie)

Skin – Envy Designs ( freebie)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Ears – Panda Express

Dress – Lovely Hearts ( freebie)

One of my new favorite lucky chair spots to hit up is Little Girl. Now, these might be old chairs.. I’m not sure. I don’t remember them from the last time I was there, which admittedly was a while ago… but omg i love everything I have gotten out of them!

Worn in Picture:

Hair – GOVIL ( freebie)

Eyes – Tacky Star

Ears – Panda Express

Skin – Oceane’s Beauty ( group gift)

Dress – Little Girl ( lucky chair)


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